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Centering Our Voices: Sharing Our Narratives
Community Event

Centering Our Voices: Sharing Our Narratives

Oct 07

4:00 pm9:00 pm

11th Floor, 101 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28246

bell hooks was a prolific writer, activist, scholar, and educator who voiced ideas related to gender, race, and learning that quickened a generation of individuals who in turn used her ideas to empower their students and communities. While her ideas are significant in academia, much of her work is still unknown, even in the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion where there is great synergy with her ideas. For those in the helping professions such as education and health care, her ideas especially resonate.

Please join us for an opportunity to discuss bell hooks’ work with Northeastern faculty and leadership and members of the Charlotte and extended Northeastern community in order to apply the ideas within your own work. Bring your diversity, equity, and inclusion questions and projects and prepare for an evening of critical conversation, engagement, and networking to share meaningful takeaways.

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