About Us

Northeastern is a top-tier, nonprofit research university, grounded in experiential learning. Students receive the opportunity to integrate their academics with professional work, research, service, and global learning experiences in more than 128 countries.

Our Institution's Mission

  • To educate students for a life of fulfillment and achievement.
  • To create and translate knowledge to meet global and societal needs.

Northeastern University and its academic programs are organized around its mission to educate students for a life of fulfillment and accomplishment as well as to create and translate knowledge to meet global and societal needs. The university is committed to educating students using an experiential model that interweaves the theoretical and the applied through career-related learning opportunities (co-op), aimed at connecting students’ experiences in the classroom with practice-oriented experiences in real-world environments. Further information related to Northeastern’s Strategic Plan can be found here: Northeastern 2025.

Our Core Values

Contribution: Northeastern seeks to contribute to the individual fulfillment of each member of the campus, to the welfare of the surrounding communities, and to solutions that will address global and societal needs.

Diversity: The university celebrates diversity in all of its forms, fostering a culture of respect that affirms intergroup relations and builds community.

Integrity: We pursue each of our activities and interactions with integrity, maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Engagement: The university promotes active engagement in teaching and learning, in scholarship and research, in the life of urban communities, and with our alumni and friends.

Opportunity: Northeastern provides opportunities to those who strive to overcome disadvantages and show great promise for future success.

History and Leadership

From our founding in 1898 as the Evening School of the YMCA, Northeastern has been engaged with its community—initially working families in and around Boston who knew education was the path to success.

The university added a vital dimension to community engagement in 1909 with the establishment of its cooperative education program. Ever since, students have alternated periods of classroom study with periods of professional work related to their major or career path.

As the university has grown over the decades, so has the breadth of our community—and our level of engagement. Today, our network extends to more than 3,300 employers in more than 128 countries and spans graduate campuses in Charlotte, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Maine, Toronto, Vancouver, and London.

Just as in 1898, Northeastern is engaging with communities in partnerships devoted to advancing education and economic growth.