Webinar: Doctor of Education at Northeastern University

How can you be a change agent in the world? How can you proactively contribute to your organization or community—whether that be in a school, district, nonprofit, for-profit, government agency or the military? In our webinar, you will hear from faculty and students about how our doctoral program is designed around these questions, and how your development as a leader and scholar-practitioner will be supported throughout the program.

Designed for accomplished, working professionals who are passionate about driving change through innovative approaches in education, our EdD program fosters your ability to generate knowledge framed around questions of equity, ethics and social justice. Our courses intentionally incorporate your personal and professional philosophies about making a difference in the world. You’ll learn how your ideas will be supported, creating direct relevance to your current and future efforts.

Recorded July 1, 2019


Chris Unger is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Graduate Programs in Education including the Doctor of Education program. His research and support interests include the design and development of systems and activities to support and catalyze innovation and entrepreneurship in education and student-centered schools and learning. Dr. Unger co-leads Northeastern’s Network of Experiential Learning Educators (NExT) with a number of his colleagues within the Graduate School of Education and throughout the university, and is the lead faculty for the EdD program in Seattle.

Dr. Unger has more than 25 years of experience providing technical assistance and conducting research and evaluation in schools, districts, and state education departments in the U.S. and South America. Previously, he led a number of school, district, and state improvement efforts while at Brown University and directed several university, district, and school improvement and research initiatives while at Project Zero of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Dr. Unger joined Northeastern in 2010, teaching a number of classes in the Doctor of Education program, and has graduated over 80 advisees since 2011.

Kimberly Nolan is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Graduate Programs in Education including the Doctor of Education program. Her research interests include school climate, experiential learning, action research and student-centered schools.

Dr. Nolan is a leader within Northeastern’s Network of Experiential Learning Educators (NExT) within the Graduate School of Education and throughout the university. Her previous work includes experience as a middle school science teacher, middle school assistant principal and alternative high school principal.

Ryan Ivers is a servant leader and change agent in higher education where he is creating personalized education that meets the needs of students and business through workforce education in a competency-based education model.

Ryan has 18 years professional leadership and management experience; 11 in higher education and 7 at a national non-profit community organization. He is studying at Northeastern University for his Doctor of Education where he is researching the use of innovative, personalized learning models in redesigning the current model of higher education to create lifelong learners and a more skilled workforce for business partners. He is community-oriented and interested in creating a social impact through his research and current work in workforce education.

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