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A University Aligned with Industry

Northeastern University understands that organizations today are challenged more than ever to find, develop, and retain the highest caliber talent. For more than 100 years, we’ve made it our mission to engage with employers to solve problems and lead change through our signature experiential learning model; developing professionals with the new knowledge and skills that are not only in demand, but necessary to help businesses adapt, grow, and flourish.

With a global network of corporate partners on all seven continents, and campuses in Boston, Charlotte, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, and Toronto, Northeastern provides real world business solutions for employers. Working with our faculty experts, we offer a wide range of academic degrees, certificates, and corporate talent development programs that address key challenges many organizations face. Our solutions allow each of our partners to best align with their desired training outcomes, intended duration, and ideal delivery model.

A University Engaged with Charlotte

A banking center. An energy center. A healthcare center. Charlotte is at the heart of some of America’s greatest industries, and it’s why Northeastern is here. We’re bringing together our education and business network with some of the region’s most vibrant players.

Building on more than a century of experience as a top-tier nonprofit research institution with worldwide connections to alumni and corporate partners, our graduate, bachelor’s completion, and certificate programs are linked to local industry and tailored to working professionals.

Businesses can take advantage of a university that runs on thought leadership and produces research that changes lives.

The Power of Partnership

To compete in our fast-changing global economy, businesses must be creative and agile. Together, we help organizations hone in on critical business priorities—and tailor solutions to meet them.

Research and discovery. Team up with our research faculty, in our facilities or yours, and advance the necessary knowledge to your business success.

Lifetime learning and workforce development. Through a variety of credit and noncredit programs, both customized and off-the-shelf, Northeastern provides up-to-date content, information, and skill development needed to enhance the abilities of your workforce to achieve business success.

Talent acquisition. Northeastern’s signature cooperative education program and experiential learning options, as well as a pool of highly qualified graduates, help you access the best talent to help your organization succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The Northeastern Difference

Experiential learning is Northeastern’s hallmark. It occurs when learners actively engage in real-world examples and projects, either designed or derived from actual scenarios, to practice applying new knowledge and skills with feedback given from experts. Our content is oriented to address the specific nuances of your environment, ensuring that the content is directly relevant and applicable to the work that the participants engage in on a daily basis.

Collaborative design involves teams from the partnering company and Northeastern working together to design and build the learning modules to ensure alignment and relevance, to supplement practice with the underlying concepts. Organizations provide feedback on curriculum design as well as necessary input into the development of examples and scenarios. Northeastern monitors the program in real time to improve the modules based on continuous feedback from both participants and the client team.

Badging at Northeastern serves as a form of recognition for those participants who successfully complete specific training modules. A digital badge is an acknowledgement of one’s competency, proficiency or mastery of a skill (or skills), as applied to an area of professional practice. It provides an immediate, understandable, and portable way to represent the proficiency one gains as the result of an applied learning experience. Badges showcase a person’s continuous growth and learning over time by recognizing the many forms it takes.

Innovating with Northeastern

Working with our faculty experts and past and current corporate clients, we have identified a range of corporate talent development programs that address key challenges many organizations face. These programs range in the recommended length, and they can be delivered online, hybrid, or in person depending on the needs and geographical distribution of the participants.

We work with your organization to identify your key business challenge and then we are able to recommend a program that is tailored to your organization’s needs. While our solutions vary, our signature design features include:


Internal Talent Mining and Pipeline Development

Discover undeveloped talents of your junior workforce while developing them to fill critical positions in areas like IT, cybersecurity, data analytics, project management, and more.

Employee Learning and Development

Through our bachelors, masters, or doctoral degree programs, certificates, and courses, Northeastern can help your employees enhance their skills, increase opportunities for advancement, and earn academic credit. We offer more than 120 degree programs that can be mapped to compliment your employee development program.

Customized Professional Development Programs

With a diverse educational portfolio and deep faculty expertise, Northeastern partners with companies to design programs that fit the needs of your organization. Program delivery takes place at the site of your choice, including your location, our campuses, online, or in a combined hybrid format. Content areas range from leadership and innovation to business acumen.

High Potential Development and Succession Planning

Combines competency and skillset mapping, along with personalized development plans and consultancy projects to develop top talent for your organization’s future.


Customized Employee Development Areas of Expertise

  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Acumen
  • Business Intelligence
  • Change Management
  • Communication
  • Computer Science
  • Cybersecurity

  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • FinTech
  • HR Workforce Analytics
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Project Management

Partner With Us

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