Student Profile: Arleen White (M.S. in Leadership)

Arleen White

White is pursuing an M.S. in Leadership through the Charlotte Campus and served as a Graduate Student Ambassador for the campus.

This blog content comes from the College of Professional Studies Student Newsletter. Each month the college celebrates the unique and exemplary path of a selected student, the September 2014 selection was Arleen White.

What is your background?
I was born and raised in El Salvador but I attended a bilingual school from an early age. Many of my teachers were from England and I also had the opportunity to study French. I grew up with a culturally diverse set of peers and did a lot of traveling abroad with my family so I was always comfortable with international experiences. In between finishing high school and starting law school in El Salvador, I lived on my own in France for a short period.


How did you end up in Charlotte?
After I finished my law degree, I met my husband, who is originally from Portland, Maine. After we got married, we started looking for place to settle that didn’t feature a climate quite as cold as Maine’s! My brother-in-law lives in North Carolina and when we went to visit him, my husband and I both fell in love with the city of Charlotte. Not only is it beautiful and the people warm but it offered dynamic business and educational opportunities.

What led you to the Charlotte graduate program?
Education as always occupied a central role in my life and I always knew that I intended to pursue another degree after law school. When I learned that Northeastern had started a campus in Charlotte, it was an easy decision. Northeastern enjoys a fine reputation in my native El Salvador and I knew I could get a first-rate graduate education.

Why did you choose the Leadership program in particular?
The Leadership curriculum aligned very well with the interests and skills I brought to it from my legal background. I am also personally invested in the idea of training ethical leaders as I grew up in a part of the world where corruption poses significant challenges to society. I saw the Leadership program as a means to blend prior skills with new knowledge as I figure out what role I want to play in changing things for the better.

Which professors and courses have had the greatest impact on you?
I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed all of my classes and that all of my instructors and the Charlotte staff have been wonderfully supportive throughout my experience. That’s one reason why I wanted to serve as a Graduate Student Ambassador to make other potential students aware of the College’s Charlotte offerings. One instructor whose tremendous experience and insights I found especially valuable was Teresa Goode. I was nervous about taking my first hybrid class but she put me at ease with her very clear guidance and face-to-face interactions that really made the class material come alive.

How do you plan to apply your Leadership degree in the future?
At the moment I’m working in the recruitment process outsourcing department of an international company but I’d like to move into international talent acquisition, organizational development, or even higher education international admissions so that I can continue doing business with many different kinds of people. I feel confident that my Leadership degree has equipped me to be able to work effectively with any kind of person from any kind of background. The College really does prepare its students to practice a global world view that will be one of the cornerstones of future professional success.

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