LINET Wins 2014 Healthy Charlotte Award

LINET Wins 2014 Healthy Charlotte Award

Northeastern alumna, Lauren Hurst, Senior Marketing Specialist at LINET responds to this exciting win!

Congratulations on receiving the inaugural Healthy Charlotte small business award. How does it feel to be recognized for inspiring innovative, sustainable practices to encourage, support and celebrate healthy habits?

Thank you! At LINET, we are very excited to receive this award. We are very proud of the What Matters Most program and the positive effects it has had on our employees, their families, and the community. We hope that this serves as an inspiration to other companies, not only on the importance of establishing a wellness program, but also on the positive effects it can have on employee satisfaction.

Tell us more about the What Matter Most program. How do you personally participate in this program?

At LINET, we function with an entrepreneurial mindset. So if you want something to happen, you have to go after it. The What Matters Most program came about from our employees in the corporate office recognizing a desire to serve our community and work towards personal wellness goals. We decided to break the program into two different areas- community service and employee wellness. The community service portion of the What Matters Most program focuses on raising money for large, health-focused non-profits, support of patient care initiatives, and volunteering our time to local community programs. In the corporate office we recognized that many of us are working towards health goals and so we decided we would be more efficient if we worked as a team than as individuals. We decided to tackle our personal wellness plans from many different aspects โ€“ nutrition, fitness, and community. We have seen great success so far and are excited to grow the What Matters Most program.

I personally have participated in the program by arranging weekly fitness classes, giving a seminar on using technology to incorporate fitness into your daily routine, and participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge. I am currently training for a half marathon and also encourage daily walks or runs over lunch with my colleagues.

Why is promoting healthy habits in the workplace so important to LINET?

At LINET, we realize just how important employee wellness really is, especially working in the healthcare industry. Having lost our VP of Sales, George Errington, last September to a heart attack, we are aware just how precious life is and the importance of promoting healthy habits. Healthier employees are not only more satisfied on a personal level, but eating right and having a fitness routine lead to enhanced energy, performance, and confidence. Love it or hate it, the majority of our day is spent at work surrounded by our colleagues, so we decided this gives us a great opportunity to come together as a team in support of wellness goals. What Matters Most logo

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